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Dec. 30th, 2004 @ 02:01 pm Blahing
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Is ignorance really bliss?

Ignorance is bliss only to the folks that know what ignorance is. The ignorant have no concept of their bliss because they have no concept of the hell that the non-ignorant subject themselves to. The intellectual (supposing that the intellectual is the opposite of the ignorant) builds up its own sense of pain and hell and adds onto it exponentially--and just to make that even more of a burden to bear they add on this little thing: Ignorance is bliss.


A psychologist once told me (something to the effect of:) Friends fill a specific need we have at the moment. If we need someone to be our friend and hold our hand we will find a person that can do that, or if we need someone to have fun with or someone to be serious with--or whatever the need. We will satisified it with a friend. And we become friends, best friends, good friends, inseperable friends.

Then of course--folks go to college or away to the military or whatever. And while there is a lack of that friendship, the actual lacking can go mostly unnoticed because we'll find someone to replace that person. (That sounds crude, doesn't it?) So to a certain extent we are friends with personality types or astrological signs or however you like to think of it. Or we gather friends interested in similar things, or whatever. There is always something we need and thus we are always looking for a friend to fill that need.

On the other hand--sometimes you need the one specific friend with whom you've shared whatever--closeness, secrets, trouble yaddayadda. Some people don't have casual friends, but are a lot closer like a family or something. It varies depending on your personality and the personality of your friends.
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Date:February 20th, 2005 01:21 am (UTC)
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A rather interesting thought there!
I'm not sure if I could really describe myself as either ignorant or non-ignorant, but I can certainly say that a hell is created when trying to be non-ignorant. In my case it's trying to get people to see things from an alternative perspective as opposed to the popular one, and also insisting that people treat others with respect. All that comes of my efforts is a barrage of abuse and being labelled as a 'freak'... that and plenty of silent treatment. My head really does hurt.
Many times I've wondered how people can live with being so ignorant, and I've often wondered what living as ignorant would be like. I just can't do it, though, I have an overwhelming compulsion not to go down that road.
I don't know if any of this is relevant or even makes sense, but I just thought I'd add it.
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Date:February 21st, 2005 05:29 pm (UTC)
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I understand that. Except a lot of my friends (and folks close to me) marvel at my ability to see all the sides of something. I most often take the opposite stance as someone I'm having a conversation with just to be contrary. I can't says that I've ever been ignorant but I can't says that I've ever been non-ignorant in all things. *shrug*

Walking the middle of the road is always tough. But to me its always paid off.
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